Life Springs Anew!

Mrs. Mourning Dove is looking mighty plump and happy.   She has a reason to celebrate.

IMG 6921

I’ve been keeping my eye on her and her husband.   They’ve been working hard to prepare for the arrival of baby mourning dove.

To my delight, as I was glancing up at the bush from my couch, I saw the baby bird’s wing and face move about while the mother or father kept a steady hold of the very small, active nest.

DSC 0019
“Dang, my parents are so protective.”

One false move and that baby bird could fall out.  That’s what happened last year.  However, it seems these parents have figured out how to keep their baby safe.   One stays in the nest at all times while the other is off collecting food and twigs.    They are on the ball!   Not wasting any time putting on an addition to that very crowded nest so there’s more room for all three of them.

Smart birds.   Love birds.   They’ve become a favorite.

Here’s a video clip of exactly that.  You’ll see what I mean.   Quite a show.  Please watch the whole video to see both parents in action.

Tomorrow, look for an update on Mrs. Robin’s beautiful eggs.   🙂

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