Move That Couch!

One of my favorite things to do may not sound all that exciting to you, but the results usually bring a smile to me and my customers.   Ever since I can remember, I’ve been moving furniture around.  When I was a child, my big sister and I would play hotel.   That usually meant rearranging our furniture, shopping around the house for the perfect accessories, linens, lighting or whatever it took to transform our space into a new room.   My parents didn’t mind at all.  We were that good.

I think our space affects how we feel.   I know I’m cranky when the kitchen counter is cluttered.  Sometimes, a person can be irritated by a room and not know why or how to fix it.  Think outside the box.  It’s awfully crowded inside that box already,  don’t you think? If  you think you cannot possibly organize your space differently, consider all of the angles.

Here’s a couple of before and afters from a recent visit to a client’s house.

IMG 6784
Help! Nice stuff, but help!

This couch is lovely.  So is the carpet and the sweet baby girl!  But the space is not welcoming to gather and talk.  The room is broken up.  Almost interrupted by that lovely couch.  It had to be moved.  After years of unsuccessfully coaxing my client that her couch did not need to be there, she finally agreed to let me move it while she was changing a diaper.  That’s all I needed to get started.

Take a look now.

IMG 6783
If this furniture could talk: “Come sit and stay awhile. Cup of tea, perhaps?”

Her couch needed some light.  Sitting out there in the middle of the room, it looked kind of lonely and broke up the rooms..   This arrangement is inviting.  It’s open to conversation and play for children.  More room for them. A great view for Mom, too.   She can see everything from the couch.

Now my client can’t stop smiling.  A happy Mom makes the whole house happy! That makes me happy, too.

Create some space to help you organize before heading out the door or returning.  A place to sit down and put on your shoes, drop your keys.

IMG 6605

Make your life simpler and you’ll be happier, too. Life is hard enough as it is.

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