Simple, Homemade Applesauce

IMG 6575

I like to leave my apples out in a bowl on the table.   It’s an easy reminder to have that apple a day.   However, I do have some picky eaters in the house, myself included.  If those apples are a little mushy or bland, then everyone backs off and they sit around, wholly rejected for a couple of days.

Don’t throw them out. Make applesauce.  It’s simple enough.  Peel as many apples as you have or want to use.  They don’t all have to be soft or the same.  Mix them up.

IMG 6568
Apple slicers come in handy.

Throw the apples in medium-sized pot over medium heat.  Delay adding water for a couple of minutes.  It gives it a  caramelized flavor.  Add  barely enough to cover the bottom of the pan.

Add a dash of cinnamon.  Or a couple dashes, depending on how much you adore cinnamon.

IMG 6571

Let it bubble.  You might need to add more water if the bottom of the pan is dry.

Once it boils for a couple of minutes, turn the heat to simmer.  Cover for five minutes.

IMG 6573

The apples should be soft enough at this stage that you could easily smash it up with a fork. Turn off the heat and grab something to smash those apples up.

I like to bring out the masher I use for potatoes.

IMG 6574

That’s all it takes.

IMG 6575

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