Mrs. Robin’s Beautiful Blue Eggs

One of my favorite colors in Spring is Robin’s egg blue.   Yesterday, I was lucky enough to find the most perfect and spot-on on version of the color.  Three perfect robin’s eggs.

IMG 6702
American Robin eggs take my breath away.

The nest is built in a sea of honeysuckle, which grows along the fence of my vegetable garden.   I discovered it a few weeks ago. Of course, I took a picture of it.  It was an impressive, well-designed home and I wondered who it belonged to.

IMG_6485It wasn’t until I saw Mrs. Robin fly out of it last week when I made the connection.   She’s not a little gal.  I expected a smaller bird.  Mrs. Robin is quite chesty.   Usually, she goes for the  Arborvitaes not far from the garden.  I wonder what made her move over to my garden.  Gutsy move.  Maybe a little convenient.  I’ve been tilling the soil.  Mrs. Robin is a  smartypants.

These eggs are so beautiful.  They are perfect.  What makes them so blue?

robineggs.JPG   I looked it up.   The color has to do with the mother robin’s pigments in her blood.  She’s also a member of the Thrush family. They lay blue eggs.

It all comes back to color and design here at The Right Hue.  Benjamin Moore has a paint called  “Bird’s Egg, 2051-60.” Great color, but not exactly the same hue as these eggs.   Fellow blogger, Debbie, from “One Little Project at a Time,” posted some gorgeous examples of “Bird’s Egg” paint. The images show how well this color works with grays, creams, chartreuse  and reds.  It’s a wonderful, energetic choice for a girl’s bedroom, too.  Love the wallpaper in the last picture.  Nice toilet, too.

Stay tuned for updates about Mrs. Robin and her eggs.

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