Spring, Sprang, Have Sprung

It might be colder than usual this spring, but it’s still beautiful out there.

DSC 0068

Just beyond these trees lies a strawberry patch.

Strawberry season is around the corner.   I am very fortunate to live within a few miles of two strawberry farms:  Phillip’s Farms of Cary (sweetest!) and Jean’s Berry Patch of Apex. (haven’t  been there yet,  but willing to try this year since a third strawberry farm, Holland’s Strawberry Farm, about a mile away from my home, sold their land to a developer.

This basket is last year’s haul.  From one outing.  I manage to make several return trips to the farms.   For one delicious reason:  Chocolate-covered strawberries.  Must have each year.  With a glass of champagne.

IMG 0150

Each year, I take the children to the strawberry fields.  We each grab a basket from the farmer and race for the strawberries.  Bigger is not always better either.  The sweetest, juiciest berries are the smaller, darker ones.  Avoid the white tips, too.

I made this strawberry cake last week for Easter Sunday.   It’s from Cook’s Country and I’d say it was a HUGE hit.  If you like strawberries and you LOVE cake, you’ll want to make this.

I do not know the name of these delicate flowers.   I bought them at Lowe’s and I love them.   Do you know?

Pink Infusion


6 thoughts on “Spring, Sprang, Have Sprung”

  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog post in your “related articles”. Those strawberries look delicious! Sadly, our berry season is still a good month away…

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