I’ve Got The Fever

Yesterday, in honor of Spring’s arrival, I spent a couple of hours cleaning up fall’s remaining leaves and getting my vegetable garden ready for planting.  The dogs were happy to be outside, enjoying the spring breeze.   Or so I thought.  Something else caught their attention.   This baby bunny!

DSC 0271

It’s not the first time bunnies have called our backyard home.

A couple of years ago, this bunny family was discovered among the bushes along the wall.DSC 0169

Guess it explains why my kale looks like palm trees.

DSC 0249

They just need some sand and beach chairs. I’m dreaming of warmer weather.  It’s been on the cold side more than usual around here.  Perfect weather for working in the garden though.  You never know what you’ll find.

Like this lone daffodil on the hill.

DSC 0252

Or this angry bird.  This is Hank’s creation.  He says the cardinal should direct the other birds to my bird bath creation.

DSC 0237

Can you spot the mother rabbit?  She’s there. Among the bramble.

DSC 0239

“I spy with my little eye….something that is brown.”  She’s hard to find, but she’s there.  Clue: “eye”.

It’s when color starts to creep back.  That’s one of my favorite times as a gardener.  I walk around the yard each day.

DSC 0270

Taking in its beauty.

DSC 0272

Amidst the leaves, life breathes anew.

DSC 0242

And the not so new. This was my old dog’s stuffed animal.  He lies here with Jack.  It was his favorite.

DSC 0243

I do believe there is woad in my back yard!  Why does woad make me think of Elmer Fudd?

IMG 6277

And this guy.  I could barely get him to move out of the way while I cleaned up the leaves. He could have cared less that I was trying to clean up the joint.

IMG 6276

I could have picked him up.  I cleaned all around him.  He’s kind of fat.  Kale?

I took his cue and became a bump on a log.

IMG 6271

Best two minutes of the day. Get out there.  It’s so easy to stay inside when it’s chilly.  Put a coat on.  And say: “Bite me winter blues.  You can’t stay ’round here no more.”

DSC 0244

Arugula on the front porch planter.

IMG 6231

All of these photographs, with exception to the bunnies, were taken yesterday in my backyard and front porch.   I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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