Best Counting Book

I wish I had known about this counting book, “Architecture COUNTS” when my children were toddlers. I found it at the thrift store, of course. 99 cents.

IMG 5910

Now it’s in Chicago, home to Susannah, Reagan and Kathleen, otherwise known as the Bautista triplets. They are my older sister’s babies. She writes a blog, too. You can see these sweet babies and their Chicago adventures there.

There are plenty of these in Chicago.

IMG 5900

I imagine the triplets will know this word very soon.

I took this picture from the top of the John Hancock building last March.

IMG 1958

Chicago is a beautiful city.

Shouldn’t every toddler recognize a bracket?

IMG 5901

Such an educational book. I do like those dormers.

IMG 5902

Wow, pinnacles. I swear, if those triplets say pinnacles and point to one, I’ll be so impressed.

IMG 5903

I didn’t know these had a name. I think I just called them spires. Oops.

Easy enough to spot in Chicago. Every toddler knows this is classic Roman architecture.

IMG 5904

This might be my favorite.

IMG 5905

And you thought all ducts in children’s books were yellow and fluffy. They can be plastic and red, too. With yellow splotches.

Yep, that’s a house with seven windows. I think it’s kind of pretty, but in a Salem, Massachusetts, Puritan kind of way.

IMG 5906

And someone painted the second floor windows green. That’s a little strange.

Watch out for the chimneys! Watch out for the chimneys! There are eight of them!

IMG 5907

Why yes, these boxes are indeed, part sun, part shade, hence the very clever term, sunshades.

IMG 5908

I’m just guessing. I’ve never seen sunshades in my life.

Do you know the name of this building?

IMG 5909

I’m going with Jefferson Memorial.

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