Are You Tempted?

This is the best, sweetest apple I’ve eaten in a long time.

IMG 6219

Usually, I don’t get that excited about eating an apple.  It can be hit or miss.  Crunchy and sweet versus mushy and bland.  And there are so many types of apples to choose among at the store.  Usually, I’ll go for a Braeburn or a Gala.  Not so cardboardy or thick-skinned like Red Macintosh or bitter like Granny Smiths (perfect for pies and apple crisp). This fuji apple is on a different playing field.  It explodes with flavor.

I don’t always buy organic apples.  But the price was right and they looked better than any other apples in the store.

IMG 6218

I picked up this Nature’s Place bag, (Food Lion’s brand) last week. Right now, I think they have the best prices in town for the freshest fruits and vegetables.

I know every store is different, but I’m really impressed with the Food Lion on Davis Drive in Morrisville, NC.

Apparently, I’m not alone.  Check out these reviews of that store.

So, are you tempted?

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