Fix a Leak Week

Did you know that one in every four toilets leaks? To be honest, I never thought about it until I walked into my community center and saw this poster.

IMG 5935

The Town of Cary is on the ball. They’ve joined towns across America for “Fix A Leak Week,” a national program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency and WaterSense. According to the EPA, more than 1 trillion gallons of water are lost annually nationwide due to easy-to-fix household leaks.  A trillion gallons.  Imagine what that would look like.

You can pick up a leak detection kit at your local community center. Go to the Town of Cary website to learn more about it. Assuming not all of you are from Cary, go to this website to find out if your community is participating. If not, you can still check your toilets by this simple leak test: Pour a couple drops of food coloring in your toilet’s water tank. Wait a few minutes. If there’s color in the bowl, it means there is a leak.

Never in my life would I think I’d be sharing articles about toilet leaks, but there you go.

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