Shamrock Shake

I succumbed to the ever-so-tempting “Limited Time Offer” from McDonalds this week.  I bought a Shamrock Shake.

IMG 6130

I now know what those Shamrock Shakes taste like.   They’ve been around forever.  They are good.  Will I get another one? Nope. They are not that good.  I think you have to really like mint ice cream.  

The last time I had mint ice cream was with a couple tablespoons of castor oil to help bring on labor with my son.  It worked.  I’ll be happy if I never have mint (chocolate chip) ice cream again.  

Don’t worry, Mom.  I didn’t have the whole thing.  

And I didn’t touch the whipped cream. 

7 thoughts on “Shamrock Shake”

  1. I too am tempted once a year, but must confess that I totally enjoyed the whipped cream (sorry Heather!) It’s funny how foods can evoke such strong memories….after giving birth to Matthew, I was served Cream of Asparagus soup and, for the first time in my life, liked it! Now those early, tender green shoots are a much anticipated spring pleasure!

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