“Popped Some Tags”

IMG 5873

“I’m gonna pop some tags.
Only got 20 dollars in my pocket.” 

Macklemore  and Ryan Lewis from their song “Thrift Shop”.

My friend Leigh and I went a-hunting last Friday for an  afternoon of picking through piles of books, dishes, and anything else at the Durham Rescue Mission Thrift store.   We saw the sign about a mile away.  Leigh took this picture as we were pulling up.  No mistaking this place for Nordstrom.

IMG 5872

I don’t mind going to Nordstrom.  I love that place.   But every store has it’s limits.  Even Nordstrom.

Where else could you find a book like this?

IMG 5874

Are they knitting angels? Is that Yanni‘s brother?   Where’s the yarn anyway?  Those metaphorical titles will get you every time.

I regret I didn’t get this album.  It was only 99 cents.

IMG 5879

It’s the hands on the face, that one eyebrow on the brunette and the red lipstick that catch my eye. The woman on the right seems to be suggesting more than a dance.  Are those engagement rings?

We didn’t know the thrift store was home to the biggest Creepy Doll Collection in the area.   That’s Leigh, in the aisle. Silly Leigh. Those dolls scared her. She’s afraid to look at them.

IMG 5882

I don’t blame her.

Look at this one.  I don’t think she’ll find a new home anytime soon.  She’d be great in a horror movie though. There’s a whole story behind that lazy eye.  Yep, that’s what I’m calling it.  Karma.

IMG 5884

And that’s no ordinary doll dress.  Let’s move on.

IMG 5883

Chucky‘s cousin?   She’s hiding in the shelf, but she’s watching and plotting your demise. Just don’t look her in the eye.

The Land of Misfits forgot about these happy folks.  Hi Santa, kitty cats, doggie and Island Girl.

IMG 5888

Shell“phone?  Making some plans for the evening?

Just in case you don’t have ADT security system.  And it DOUBLES as a doorstop.

IMG 5892

Now that’s efficient. And it’s only $5.

But wait, a prenatal cradle.   My sister could have used this when she was pregnant with her triplets.  Hmm, maybe she wore one.  I never asked.

IMG 5890

It’s all about the hunt. This is why I don’t mind sifting through stuff.  You never know what you’ll find in the process.  There are stories all over place.   Like this one below.

IMG 5880

Where is Lynn now?  Was she terminally ill? Will another Lynn purchase this? Maybe the same person also cross-stitched this:

That’s a lot of work just to ask people to not smoke. If I owned a restaurant, I could see purchasing this, changing the frame to navy blue and hanging it by the bar area. My restaurant would have a bar.

Welcome to the Nursing Home.  Here’s a cup.

IMG 5896

What kind of difference? Who has a cup with a line like that?  A Nursing Home lobbyist? Not fooling us. Not one little bit.

According to rapgenius.com, “Poppin’ tags” means buying clothes (you pop the price tag off when you get home). $20 dollars buys a lot of clothes because thrift shop prices are so low.

We didn’t “pop any tags” on this trip.   There was too much to go through in the housewares, books and music areas. It was a lot of work sorting through stuff for two hours, but Leigh and I walked out with there with big smiles and plenty of finds.  We were tired and thirsty, too.  We spotted another building with a big sign and decided to check it out.


It was actually my first visit to an ABC liquor store. They sell a ton of whiskey.  Three aisles of whiskey. I wonder if that’s a Southern thing.

I seem to be ending many of my posts with videos so I won’t stop now.  I especially like this video of Thrift Shop from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  Much of it is filmed in a thrift shop. The batman onesies on Macklemore are kind of cute.  I see a trend…

The video is not suited for young children. Not that any young children are reading this post.  But maybe you, the reader would prefer to avoid profanity.  It doesn’t bother me.  He’s having fun.

LANGUAGE ADVISORY: This video contains profanity.

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