The Pumpkin Policewoman is Back

IMG 5921

Yep, I’ve done it again.  Out for a little walk in the neighborhood this morning, and what do I behold?  Another pumpkin!   More than anything else, I’m just impressed at the shape of a pumpkin that’s been sitting on the porch since October.  My pumpkins last about week before they either start rotting or the squirrels have a go at them.

As I’m walking along, laughing about the pumpkin, lo and behold, just two house down, There’s another house with the Halloween and Christmas decorations.

IMG 5924

I’m thinking “scare zone” is not part of Christmas.   Upon further inspection (such a snooper), but laid out for the world to see, they too, have left the pumpkin on the porch.

IMG 5926

Along with the Christmas tree.  But wait, there’s more!

IMG 5925

A Snowman, christmas trees and a “creepy place” sign.   Their words, not mine.  I don’t think their house is really creepy.  I think they are just super attached to their holidays.  If I see plastic eggs in this  tree around Easter time though, I might fall over laughing.

It’s all in good fun.  I’m glad for houses like this.  Yeah, easy for me to say.  I’m not sandwiched in between two houses that haven’t figured out the unspoken rule about holiday decorations left out on the lawn.   But it makes the neighborhood real to me.   Do you think the owners are tormented every time they pull in the driveway? “We’ve got to bring in the decorations this weekend…”

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