Tea or Pee: What’s the Difference?

It was a challenging morning at my house yesterday. My son Hank, who was officially diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD last week, was really struggling over the checklist I created for him. He didn’t want to get dressed or do anything besides watch Curious George. Finally, some of the strategies I’m reading about from “Parenting Your Asperger’s Child” pays off. We manage to figure out a good plan and head to carpool.

Only now, his 11-year old sister is mortified (her words) because I shout “hello” out the window to a good friend directly behind our car. I’m friendly. I greet people. Maybe a bit too enthusiastically for Zoe. My eldest daughter, Haleigh, had her own list of issues with me at middle school carpool earlier that morning. Namely, do not tell the teacher at carpool that I like his sunglasses. How could I not say something? He was wearing big, white sunglasses like Flavor Flav from Public Enemy.

It seems our daughters have an inordinate fear of embarrassment lately. I know it’s entirely normal at this stage of their life. I also know it will pass. The question is, dare I say hello to a friend, have the radio on the wrong song when the car door opens or tell a teacher I like his sunglasses. Yes, I think so. In fact, it’s my job. And it’s kind of fun.

Within seconds of dropping them off at carpool, my husband cranked up the radio. Music is magical.

The perfect song comes on the radio just as we’re approaching our driveway. Beck’s “Loser“. My husband looks at me and says “we can’t turn off the car until this song is over, so let’s drive around the neighborhood.” Like all cool parents in their minivans, we cruise. Windows down, radio up. Next time one of the kiddos rolls their eyes at us, we agree we should just sing “I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me.” We’re not really serious, but it’s fun to think of singing that song the next time we get the eye roll.

As we are pulling into our driveway, we see a good friend and neighbor out for her morning walk with her dog and son. I shout to her and share the purpose of our drive. That’s when we hear her story.

Yesterday, she was at the car wash with her seven and five-year old sons. Suddenly the oldest boy starts complaining that he has to go to the bathroom really, really badly. She’s stuck in the middle of a carwash. What’s a mom to do? Pee in a cup! Rather resourceful, I’d say. She uses the only cup in the car, her tea cup. Puts the lid on it and pats herself on the back for solving that drama. Got on with the day as we all must.

The next morning she’s hustling around, getting the kids ready for school, makes her tea, grabs the dog and children and rushes out the door. All is good. Until she takes her first, big swallow of tea. Only it’s not tea, it’s pee. Her son’s pee. Yep. I’d say that beats all tough mornings I’ve heard. She smiles, laughs it off. Perhaps, it’ll bring a smile or laugh to you as it did for me. Or it might make you queasy. Sorry about that.

Enjoy the video!

5 thoughts on “Tea or Pee: What’s the Difference?”

  1. I must say this made me laugh so hard even though I experienced it firsthand yesterday! Thanks for listening to me yesterday…..I made a lot of people smile with that story:). We are Big Easy bound this morning which makes it all a distant memory!!

  2. Ahhhh, this blog really makes me smile. You forgot to mention that it really is a parent’s purpose to embarrass their children. You are doing well and deserve an award. I relish the task — try going to watch your daughter throw the discus at her track meet, on a bicycle, wearing white spandex. She still smacks me for that one. Or dance to ANY song in front of their friends. And my kids drag me away from church because I talk way too much.

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