Goodbye Classified Page, Hello Yard Sale Mapper

Saturday mornings in New Jersey, circa 2001 springtime, meant only one thing to me:  garage sales.  I have  rather obsessive/compulsive behavior for them.   There have been times where I’ve pulled over to the side of the road for a neon garage sale sign. And sadly, I admit, I originally subscribed to the town’s local paper, The Montclair TImes, ( because all  the fabulous sales were listed in there.  They were too good to be missed. That one classified page was ripped out of the paper, and like a general organizing his troops for battle, I circled, arrowed and listed the order of the attack.  It was efficiency at its finest.  The best finds were the neighborhood sales.  I swear my heart skipped a beat when an address for Upper Mountain avenue appeared. It didn’t always mean I struck gold.  After all, in the garage sale world, this phrase holds some truth: “What one person’s trash may be another person’s treasure” and vice versa.   But that’s what makes them so fun.  It’s the people, what they’re selling, how much they are asking.  And it’s the people who show up at garage sales.  All walks of life.  I love it.  Especially when you hear some arguing over something that’s already practically free.    I swear most of my children’s games come from these trips of mine.  

So here’s the thing.  Cary is spread out into subdivisions.   There are garage sales here, but nothing like the days of Midas in Montclair.  That is, until I found out about an app called  “Yard Sale Mapper”.  This app rocks my lil garage sale world.

Click here to check it out.

It takes the garage sale experience to a whole new level.  Not only does it provide a map indicating where all the garage sales are within whatever area you happened to be, but it displays the original message from the seller listing specific items for sale from local sites like Craig’s List and the newspaper.   I went for the 20-mile radius just to see what would have and all of a sudden, the map appears with a message saying 30 locations found with red dots to indicate where they are.   Press a red dot and it gives you the personal garage sale information like the date, time what they’re specially selling and spoken to you as you drive.  Very accurate.  Worked perfectly.  I could pick the ones in an area, add them to my route page and begin driving.  Saved me a ton of time and I never got lost like I used to.  You can go garage sale hunting anywhere you happen to be.  That just opened a whole new world for me.

So, after my daughter’s basketball game this morning, away we went, letting Yard Sale Mapper lead the way.   I hit three sales, all on our way home.   Books, martini glasses (you can never have enough), dvd, wine bucket (I see a theme today) and a scale to weigh food.  I’ve always wanted one of those.  It’s already broken though.  My son thought he’d test out a gatorade bottle and something snapped.  It only cost $1.  Hank tells me that “anything that doesn’t cost very much, don’t buy because it’s useless.”  Can’t argue with his train of thinking of that one.  But the four martini glasses cost $1and I see a lot of value there. 

garage sale booty

I checked out a few of the garage sale applications on my iPhone.   I’ve definitely found one of the better ones, but another one called  Rover has great reviews, too.  I haven’t used it  yet, but I’m tempted to try it.  Here’s a link to their youtube video.

I’m impressed with the find it feature.  If I’m in search of one specific thing, this just might be a better app.   If I switch, I’ll let you know.

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