Carolina Burger

IMG 5748It’s not the greatest picture, but it is one of the greatest burgers I’ve eaten in awhile.   I have lived in North Carolina for seven years, but up until yesterday, I never tried a “Carolina Burger.”   To die for. Head over to Salem Street Pub in historic, adorable Apex, NC. You won’t find a better burger. You’ll need a few big napkins.  You’ll need to go to the bathroom and wash your hands because they will be covered in chili and slaw.  Don’t let someone take a picture or videotape you eating it.  It was done to me.  It’s just wrong.

What’s in it?  Here’ s great link to learn how to put it together.   It’s a creation.

I thought about getting this one on the right:  “My Wife Told Me It Wouldn’t Sell” burger.

It sells.   I loved the atmosphere although I think the place could use a little help from The Right Hue and get a new color palette.  Especially the brown bathrooms.  Love their chalkboard  tables though.  We were drawing in five minutes since there’s a blurb about a drawing contest with a $25 winner.     Not exactly where my talent lies, but I do love contests.

IMG 5747

It’s a flower in case you cannot tell.

I’ve been looking for a good pub in the area.  This is it.  Live music Friday and Saturday nights,  a place to hang out, grab a beer and burger.   What’s better than that?   Michael, John and Scott wrote a hysterical review of their trip to Salem Street Pub for their hilarious blog about burgers,  These guys are serious beef conniseurs.  Check it out:

I know a thing or two about burgers.  I’m with the boys on this one.

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