Monday at the Mall

We’re off on a little adventure to the mall.  Just me, my 7-year old son, 11-year old daughter, 13-year old daughter and her two 13-year old friends.  I am the only adult.  Should be fun.  Especially when we walk into Victoria’s Secret for a return I need to make. The teenagers need to buy outfits for their school musical, “Guys and Dolls”.   Haleigh is one of the hotbox dancers so apparently, she’s supposed to wear  spandex shorts, cowboy boots, jazz shoes and something else.  $$$$

Can you say thrift store?  I suggested Plato’s Closet, a fantastic consignment store in Durham, and my daughter’s friends jumped at the idea.  Small victory for me since Haleigh has yet to warm to my thrift store addiction.  prefer it to the mall.  Oh this shall be fun though.

and away I go.  First stop, the mall.   Second stop, Target.  Third stop, thrift store.  Fourth store, DONE.

This outing might require a video.   Or at least a picture.

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