“Just Don’t Say That, Mom.”

Conversations with my daughters are a slippery slope these days.  I can’t keep track of what’s “not cool” and what’s just “okay” to say.   It seriously requires some memory, of which I’m beginning to lose. On the way to my 13-year-old’s basketball game this morning, I am listening to Haleigh share how nice it was that she and a new friend were able to hang out alone to grab some pizza and a movie last night.  Trying to be the ever supportive and cool mom, I mention how good it is to make new friends and not just have one BFF, although that’s good, too, but getting out there and meeting lots of girls is important.   Last year, she was practically attached to one girl.  Haleigh yeah, yeahs me and then tells me it’s not “BFF”.  Just don’t say that.  It’s just “best friends”, Mom.

I don’t even like saying BFF.  I said it because she’s been using that term for years.   I’m down with the lingo. I prefer the term “best friends” anyway.   My 11-year old then tells me she prefers BFF.  Just have to keep it straight.  It’s a bit of a juggling act, this parenting thing.  I think the most important suggestion I can give to myself and others is to have a sense of humor, don’t take any of their drama too personally and remember their brains are literally not fully developed until somewhere around 24. It helps me.

I see two daughters struggling to find their identity in this crazy world.  SO I think it’s kind of cute when I ask the oldest if she has a Pinterest account and she says “No.  Nobody makes a Pinterest account under 50.”  Got news for you, sister.  I’m 47.  And I just started Pinterest.  So there YOU go.  Hah!   She does manage to bring out the rebel in me.  Poor dears.  In the meantime, I’ll keep trudging along, trying to prevent any further embarrassment  from coming their way.   It’s going to happen girls, so brace yourselves. P1010027 2

Why look at this?  It my girls dressed up as “raggedy old ladies.”  How did THAT picture get here?

It’s a tender age. I’ll be gentle.  But go easy on your Mom.  She’s on your side.  Most of the time.


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