Easy, Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Yesterday, I said I wasn’t crafty.   I didn’t lie, but I just made these.    I think that officially makes me crafty.    IMG 5613

It was so easy and fun to do.  And it’s much more fun than driving to Target and compete for space among those last-minute shoppers.  I stand there forever trying to find the perfect card.   So I copied this idea from Real Simple’s February 2013 issue.  You don’t have to be crafty to make these.

I liked this idea because I happen to have a ton of extra candles from all the birthdays in this house.   All you need is a piece of paper (from the printer), regular glue and a marker or two.  I borrowed Zoe’s glue (Elmer’s Washable Clear School glue).  I was surprised how easily the candles adhered to the paper.   I spaced it out with my eye.  It’s faster and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Write your personal message inside.

I made a card for my husband, too.  But he reads this blog so I’ll actually refrain from showing you first.  I’m thoughtful like that, sometimes.

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