Painted Love

A bottle of spray paint was lying around.  So  was naked love.

IMG 5445

Love is messy.  Love is reciprocal.

IMG 5457

Love is solitary.

IMG 5508

Love is family.

IMG 5582

3 thoughts on “Painted Love”

  1. I like your pictures, and the part that says, “Love is messy. Love is reciprocal.” Yeah, love brings a lot of things out of us. Suddenly you feel so many things, you WANT so many things, you see so many things about yourself. Suddenly your heart opens, and your ego also rages a little stronger. And even though you wish it was all perfect, it oftentimes isn’t. Love calls us to TUNE for perfection, because we enter into our love relationships so imperfect.

    Love calls for many things to be given, care, courage, sincerity, enough humility to admit our mistakes, the flexibility to change what’s wrong, and take on a better more loving way. Love is messy. Love is reciprocal. Certainly it is like that in my experience.

    And there are so many questions in love. So many things to feel into, so many things to learn: what builds it up, what ruins it. It takes a lot, it has its price. And it is well worth it!

    1. Wow! Thank you for sharing such true statements!! I’m glad you stopped by, too. One of my favorites goes something like this: “Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.” Kind of says it all for me. 🙂

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