Why We Kiss, According to Hugh Morris

IMG 5461

We kiss because we’re hungry. So says Hugh Morris, author of “The Art of Kissing.”  He thinks it’s “utter nonsense” that “kissing is pleasant because the teeth, jawbones, and lips are full of nerves, and when the lips meet, an electric current is generated.”

I don’t know if I’d say that’s utter nonsense, but it is a bit technical and long.  I’m kind of expecting Morris to be a little uptight about his kissing theory, but he pretty much gets right to the point:

“Two people kiss because they are satisfying a hunger within them, a hunger that is as natural as the hunger for food, water and knowledge. This hunger is instinctive, that is, we are born with it, all of us, and we cannot learn it or acquire it in any way.”

Wow, he’s so…primal.  He didn’t give that away in this picture.

IMG 5463

The guy is seriously creepy to me. Angry, creepy Marlon Brando kind of guy.  And there’s all that energy behind him.  She just gets a lamp.

I thought she looked scared yesterday, but Morris mentions “two” people, so I’m assuming in 1936, he’s talking about a man and a woman.  When I look at her today, I sort of see a Mona Lisa smile.  Maybe she’s trying to decide if she wants to let Mr. Pushy kiss her.  I still can’t sit like her.   I tip over.

Monday, February 11th’s post:  “Morris’s Approved Methods of Kissing.”  He calls this the “Vacuum Kiss.”

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