The Art of Kissing

Don’t let the title fool you.  This is not going to teach you much about kissing, but the book, written in 1936 by Hugh Morris, is a piece of work.  Being a fan of vintage books, clothes and furniture, I had a feeling there would be some classic, outdated words of advice.  Morris does not disappoint, but only if you do not take him seriously.

IMG 5455

This is the first  picture in the book.  Take a moment and observe the body language going on here.

IMG 5463

Hmmm.  Why does the guy have to make sure the “girl” is against the arm of the sofa?  I can only conclude it’s because she can’t get away.  And it’s not like they are holding hands.  She looks scared. In fact, she can’t even look at him.  She’s trying to think about her escape.  That hand behind her is really creepy.   I just tried to sit like her.  I almost fell over.  Try it.

Tomorrow’s post: Why People Kiss, According to Hugh.   Stay tuned.

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