The Incredible Shrinking Man

Our elementary school marked their 100th day of school this past Tuesday.  The children were given a worksheet. Hank, my seven-year old,  had some definitely ideas on what he would look like in 100 years.

IMG 5493

There’s some truth to it, but wow.  That’s taking aging and shrinking to a whole new level.  Does he think all older people shrivel up?  I can see he’s lost his hair and hands, too.   The smile is broader at seven, but at 107 it evokes a certain amount of wisdom.  What happened to his legs?  Seems he kept the torso in proportion, but the arms and leg really took a hit. And that left eye.  IS he squinting?  I love children’s drawings.  There’s nothing more sweet.

There was a questionnaire for the students to fill out, too.  Simple questions.  LIke how old you’ll be in a 100 years.  What you want to OWN  a  100 of. What you DON’T want to own 100 of…

IMG 5491

So basically Hank wants to be a rich bachelor with a 100 mansions and birds.  And he wants to be a judge.  I’m not surprised.  He often tells me he plans to have a butler and live in a mansion near LegoLand in California.  I can’t really blame him for not wanting 100 girlfriends or 100 children.  That’s a lot of work.  And he knows.  He has two big sisters.

It goes by so fast.  I’ve joined the ranks of saying that to younger mothers.  It’s true.

Enjoy these moments.


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