Dull Hair No More: Vinegar to the Rescue!

This is one of those “DID IT WORK?” posts.  You know.  The posts I promised on Day 1 in Blogland.   JUST IN CASE you didn’t read my first post about the purpose of my blog,  I have a thing (or maybe an obsession) with reading and ripping out articles, recipes and ideas from magazines.  After years of doing this, the idea of writing about the results emerged.

Here’s a good one.   I’ve actually tried this twice now and I am happy to report positive results.

IMG 5417

Not bad.  This is one hour after the vinegar experiment.

I started out with some really dull, dry hair.

IMG 5404

See?  That’s bad.  Dry, DULL hair color.

Here’s what you’ll need to go from that to this:   One cup of  distilled vinegar.  Like this:

IMG 4596

One cup of chilled water.   I throw in a bunch of ice cubes to get it really, really cold.

IMG 5398

Now you’ll simply pour ONE CUP of vinegar into the cup of chilled water.  No ice cubes now.  It’s cold enough.

IMG 5401

Pour the vinegar directly into your measuring cup with the chilled water until you reach 2 cups.

IMG 5402

Now add a couple of drops of lavender oil.  You can use any oil.  The idea is only to kill the strong vinegar smell.  I bought a Glade room deodorizer for about $1.75 at the grocery store since I didn’t have any lavender oil lying around the house.

Just squeeze a few drops.

IMG 5403

Stir it in and then lean over the bathtub and prepare for a bit of a startling sensation as you pour it over your head.  Have a towel nearby.  Not sure precisely why it must be chilled, but I am assuming that Lorri Goddard-Clark, colorist to Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon, knows what she’s talking about.

It feels a little bit like eating ice cream really, really fast.  Slight brain freeze, but at least it’s not a cold shower.  You get to keep your clothes on.  It only takes a minute or so to empty the two cups.  I poured at the front of my head and worked my way to the back with the final dump smack dab in the middle, letting that chilly concoction numb me briefly.   It’s rather invigorating, but I wouldn’t recommend trying this first thing in the morning.  Within a  minute, the head feels tingly.  I let the vinegar mixture sit for another minute or so and then I throw a towel over my head.

IMG 5407

Within half an hour (it’s quick with short hair), I could begin to see the difference.  It’s glossy.  I’ve done nothing but let it dry for about an hour.

IMG 5417

Compare that to the “BEFORE” again.  It’s good to see them next to each other.

IMG 5404

A big difference.  Now, I’ll go ahead and color my hair within 24 hours.  According to Goddard-Clark, this home treatment maximizes your color the day before you get your hair done.  She says the acidity of the vinegar “will close down the hair’s cuticle, creating the shiniest hair ever.”

Yep, I agree!   Thanks to InStyle magazine (March 2011 issue) and Lorri for the fantastic, easy tip.   She has some SHINY hair!

IMG 5409

6 thoughts on “Dull Hair No More: Vinegar to the Rescue!”

  1. I’ve been using vinegar on my hair for YEARS, only I just pour it straight on with no dilution at all when I shower and follow up with shampoo and conditioner as normal. Takes the build up right off. Love this idea!

  2. Most excellent blog and post! I have to color my hair all the time, and I live in a dry climate. I am totally going to try this. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I look forward to reading more about you, too.

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