That Guilty Look From The Dog

The dog always gets blamed.  Poor Max.  This time he didn’t do it.  It was only water.

IMG 5326

Water that I spilled as I was carrying up the dog crate with our other dog, Ellie.  She broke her leg last Monday.  Flying down these very stairs.  Ahead of Max.

She’s all of five pounds and she’s only 9 months old.  She tumbled over herself and SNAP.  Front leg broken in two places.  She has seven pins in her leg and has to stay off her leg for six to ten weeks.  Easier said than done.

IMG 5282

Max and Ellie are best friends.  Keeping them separated for so long is torture for them and for us.

I assumed Max was mad because I’ve had to spend so much time looking after Ellie.  Toy fox terriers can be hyper, stubborn and insecure dogs. At least that’s how Max is. He was here first and then along comes a little froo-froo poodle.  Sorry Max.  I publicly apologize for my assumption.  And I promise you’ll never have to wear this humiliating, emasculating, grandpa sweater ever again. Ellie, you look smashing.

IMG 4456

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