Repurposed Plastic Spice Jars

My son has a thing for Legos.  I have a thing for keeping his active mind and body busy.  When he least expects it and when I need it the most, I whip out this repurposed, plastic spice jar, filled with random Lego pieces and tell him to create whatever he can with all of these pieces.  He likes the challenge and I can actually get a few minutes of focus when I especially need it.

IMG 5352

All you need to do is wash the jar in some sudsy water to get the label and glue off.  It takes a little elbow grease, but a few short scrubs should do it.   I like these jars because they are translucent, plastic and waterproof.  The lid is simple to put on and take off and it doesn’t take up a bunch of space in your bag.

I found these spice jars online.  The one in the middle is an identical size to Hank’s jar.   They are inexpensive, but nothing beats repurposing one for free.


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