Shiny, Happy Hair Clips for under 50 Cents

They might look like buttons upon first glance.  Look again.  Do you see the holes in the center?  They are for pin needles.

IMG 5336

Finally getting around to unpacking the craft backpack from our Christmas trip, I find this bag of pretty shiny button-like pieces.  They are left over from a Christmas craft.  That craft was fun in theory, but painful in reality.  It takes a very long time to cover a styrofoam triangular cone.    I  like these metallic colors.  They are flat in the middle.  Great adhesion potential.

Once again, I take the minimalist approach to crafts.   You will need a clip and these shiny round things.

IMG 5332

You may need a magnifying glass.  StephieLou needed her glasses and a magnifying glass.  There are two steps. Pick an end and glue one piece at a time. That glue dries quickly so you need to be decisive and stick that little jewel tone round thingy right in the middle of the clip.

Until it looks like this:

IMG 5337

I started at the smaller end.  These glittery rounds come in all different sizes.  You can decide the final look, but I like working with the lines of the clip.    Since my last two rounds are wider than the rest, I played around with layering them.

IMG 5341

Hair clips are really hot this year.  A really cute one, like this one from Anthropologie, is gorgeous, but it also costs $24.  I say do it yourself and spend about 50 cents a clip.   You can use anything around the house.  And it takes about five minutes.

Even for StephieLou.  Seriously, this is only the second time I’ve used a glue gun.

Try it and share your results with me!

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