Thrift Store Bargains

This is why I’m a fan of thrift stores.  It’s all about the thrill of the hunt.  Some thrift stores are better than others.   I like GCF thrift stores.  There’s a couple in my area, but the best one is on Davis Drive in Morrisville, NC.  Everything you see here is from their store.

IMG 4965

Those four Crate and Barrel wine glasses cost $1.99 each.  All paperbacks are 75 cents, hardcovers, $1.  For the most part, all clothing types are the same price. Both jeans cost only $3.39.   I splurged on the Hollister shirt ($9).  Brought my grand total to $38.85.

Here’s my rule of thumb to keep it under control.  For each item I buy, something has to leave my closet.  If I buy a shirt, I try to donate a shirt. And I know just the place that needs your donations.

Some of my favorite searches:  record albums ($1), videos ($1) and cardigans ($3.49).

The best finds are the ones you didn’t expect to find and there it is, calling out to you and only you.


4 thoughts on “Thrift Store Bargains”

  1. I LOVE thrift stores! When I used to travel for work, I would grab the phone book in my hotel room, write down the addresses, plug them in the GPS and venture out! Good Finds!!!

    1. Love it, Erica! Right there with you! Went to the new one in Augusta and found that Singing Nun album for 99 cents. I’ve never looked them up before, but GREAT idea!

  2. I will never pay full price for designer jeans or buy new . I live a half block away from Thrift store row , about 9 on El Camino real, in San Clemente, Ca. I have daily walk through!

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