Made this Vintage-Looking Hair Clip for 45 Cents

This is a follow-up to last night’s blog about button and bead clips.  It’s my first crafty blog experiment.  I’m sure I won’t be getting any prizes over it, but it’s fun and worth trying.  I suspect I’ll improve with practice.

Here’s the clip after I applied the buttons, beads and fabric glue.

IMG 5263

Here’s the clip before I did anything.  I like the unadorned look, too. Definitely has it’s place.

IMG 5199

Here’s how it looks in my very short pixie:

IMG 5266

Since Emerald Green is the Color of the Year, I thought I’d experiment with some fabric glue on another clip.

Here’s how it looks now.

IMG 5264

Hmmm, just in time for St. Patrick‘s Day.  You can pick up everything, but these old buttons from AC Moore   I’m sure they have some cool buttons there, too.  Or maybe, like me, you have a button collection worth perusing.

Here’s all you need:

IMG 5204

IMG 5197

The clips come in a package of six for $1.99 The string of beads cost $1.00.  The buttons are free.  My daughters love this idea.  It’s easy enough for them to make their own.

Try it out!  I’m sure many of you are waaaay more crafty than StephieLou.  I’d love to see your results.

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