Old Buttons and Bead Barrette

IMG 5202

Found some old buttons from my mother-in-laws collection.  I tossed them in with some beads ($1 at AC Moore). I love the emerald green one in the middle.  It’s surrounded by teal. Needs some oyster shell color in there.

I’m going to try to make a button and bead barrette for my new pixie.   I like a lot of things, but the glue gun I ambitiously bought 15 years ago was just used this weekend and the whole experience was out of I Love Lucy.  I am not super crafty, but I love repurposing things that would otherwise sit in a tin for another 50 years.

I bought these clips for $2.99 (AC Moore) on Saturday.   I’m thinking about turning it into a vintage, beaded and button barrette.

IMG 5199

I”ll post the results tomorrow.   I’m not promising perfection.  There’s Martha, there’s Lucy and then there’s me, StephieLou.  Somewhere in between.


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