The Most Delicious Scottish Shortbread in History

I have a weakness.  It’s butter.  If you like butter as much as me, then I have no doubt you will also love this “buttery goodness” (my daughter Zoë’s words).  You can see why.

IMG 5001

I’ve been making these for years.  Once again, it’s another shared recipe from a woman named Helen Bradley.  She used to bring these into work years ago.  I think they lasted about one hour.

Here’s her original recipe from our company cookbook.  I haven’t’ strayed from it at all.  IMG 5233

This is all you need.

IMG 4976

I only use Gold Medal flour.  It’s worth the extra 50 cents.  There’s a reason they’re still around.

IMG 4977

The butter.  Somehow it doesn’t seem as bad for you with that happy cow.

IMG 4979

Toss all of those sticks in the mixer.  Don’t feel too guilty.  You can cut very small squares.

IMG 4980

Add the sugar.  It’s only a cup!

IMG 4981

If your butter gets stuck like this, let the mixture sit for a few minutes.  It’s not softened enough.

IMG 4985

Mix until the butter and sugar have fluffy tips.

IMG 4988

Add the flour.  One cup at a time.

IMG 4990

The dough should look like this.

IMG 4991

I spread the whole thing out with a spatula and then even it out with my fingers.

IMG 4995

Have fun with that fork.   Put in the oven and bake until golden, about 30-35 minutes.

IMG 4996

This looks a little more golden than I would like, but the result is delicious.  Do not go darker than this.

IMG 4998

Cut into squares right away.  I use a pizza cutter.  Much faster.

IMG 4999

Serve warm with a cup of tea OR coffee.  It seems anti-Scottish to suggest coffee, but it’s a great accompaniment, too.  I do not drink coffee and never will, but I try to be progressive.  Hope you like.


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