Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer Works for Me!

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I’ve found my drugstore lotion.  I’ve loved Aveeno and many others, but I’m committing myself to only one brand now:  Jergens Ultra Healing.  My skin never fares well in winter.  Until now.  The big test?  My arms.  Come winter, they practically feel like sandpaper.  Even in mild North Carolina.  I ran out and bought a bottle after reading  Real Simple magazine’s January 2013 issue.

I’ve been testing it out for two weeks and my arms are the softest they’ve ever been.  I’m talking EVER.  It’s a keeper. I tend to apply this general principle in life:  “If it works, don’t fix it.”

Real Simple always tests several brands, but Jergens won “longest lasting”.   Just $7 at the drugstore for the 26.5 oz. bottle.  25% more lotion than the normal 21 oz. bottle for Jergens Daily Moisture.

Here’s a look at Real Simple’s contenders.  You may want to check these out, too. 5094

Notice this Jergens pictured is different than the bottle I bought.  I went for the whole Ultra Healing with extra dry skin moisturizer.  It has Vitamins C, E and B5.  I have no idea what B5 does, but anytime I see a bunch of vitamins listed, it makes me think I’m doing something good for this aging body.

Another change and not an easy one for me since I prefer hot showers:  taking a quick (3-5 minutes), lukewarm shower.  It’s not as difficult as I thought.  I start out with hotter water, but I adjust the nozzle after a minute.  Using hot water dries out your skin.

Look for “DID it WORK”  posts each Tuesday and Thursday on my blog.  I’m enjoying this.  Hope you are, too!


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