Rejection in the Odyssey

Rejected on a Saturday afternoon in my Honda Odyssey

“Eeew.” That’s the response from my 13-year old daughter after I THOUGHTFULLY try to pass a copy of this Cary Parks and Recreational program guide to her in the car. I should have seen that one coming. Sitting next to her at this afternoon’s basketball is no less thrilling. I am asked to stop cheering for her sister because I am embarrassing her. I”ll admit I’m a little enthusiastic, but nothing more.

Ever the perky mother who can take a slamming by her every so confident brood, I resume singing “Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah.” Hank shouts: “Stop singing, you Thundering Typhoon!”

Where is my sweet 11 year- old daughter in all this? She chimes in: “What do you expect when you can’t sing?”

Well, there’s one thing I CAN do: cook. Only tonight is my night off.

Daddy’s cooking, kids!!

Bahahahaha! Enjoy that pasta with butter. 🙂

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