Oooh, La La! Reclaimed French Hexagonal Tiles

I was reading a book just a few minutes ago when along came this passage:

The flooring of the rooms overlooking the courtyard was of red tile, those antique hexagonal tiles which in old Paris hotels are used to cover the stairs and landings above the second story.”

Naturally,  being the little design detective, I immediately stop and google antique french hexagonal tiles.


Imagine walking across your kitchen floor feeling these cool tiles under your feet.

I can see why they’re hot this year.  Or any year.  Check out these reclaimed tiles near the middle and bottom of Houzz’s webpage.

Tile is definitely something to consider for a foyer, kitchen or bathroom.  If I were to pick a paint color for the walls, I’d go with a creamy yellow like Farrow and Ball’s “Hay, on this ceiling:

or “Straw“, also from Farrow & Ball.

I feel like picking up a classic novel and having a cup of tea when I look at this picture.



2 thoughts on “Oooh, La La! Reclaimed French Hexagonal Tiles”

  1. Hey StephieLou! Kind of reminds me of Dr Suess!..anyway, what do you think of slate floors? Have you ever had them, worked with them, etc? Something I want to do.

  2. My mom always calls me that. 🙂 To answer your questions, I haven’t worked with slate. I like it (especially slate roofs). Would go beautifully in your kitchen with those cabinets and wall color. I am more partial to Limestone or reclaimed, wide plank flooring though. I had the wide plank barn flooring in my old kitchen. I love the ageless look of it. Soothing. You should check all three.

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