Hi, I'm StephieLou!
Hi, I’m StephieLou!

2013! Happy New Year!   Welcome to my blog

What exactly is The Right Hue, you may or may not ask? It’s the name of my  color consulting business.  

Over time The Right Hue has grown, taken a backseat and grown again.  It has staying power.  I fit it in my busy life when I can.    The name stuck.

Aside from color consulting, I have a thing for taking pictures, cooking, gardening, DIY projects, thrift stores and finding beauty in the ordinary.

I’ve been inspired by so many out there on the web, but mostly Ree Drummond, “The Pioneer Woman”.  She rocks my world with her recipes, can-do attitude and love of cooking, writing, photography, music, movies, animals and most importantly, her family.  She shows us that we can do all the things we love and share it with everyone.  And no one gets hurt!  It’s all good!

So welcome to The Right Hue.  Think of me as your personal guinea pig.   I will tell you what I really think.  I will post the steps, one by one, when I’ve stumbled upon something that grabs me.

Look for my blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday and okay, maybe Sunday.


Happy New Year!

12 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Steph- I have done the same thing with the magazines at doctors office sometimes taking the entire thing! But yesterday, I had a doctors appointment and brought about 20 magazines from home and left them there in the waiting room. My contribution to recycling.

  2. no doubt you are full of tips so I am glad you are sharing. After a week with you I have since, Cleaned out my kitchen cabinets, made chili from your pioneer woman….Corn Flour Rocks! and even mac and cheese. keep it up!

  3. So finally! I have never met you in person but we are FB friends and connected last year. We connected b/c I moved here from Glen Ridge and we have a mutual friend that told me you were from Montclair (ringing any bells yet?) Anyway – for one year, I have enjoyed your FB posts. Recently I said to myself – this girl should write a blog…..and voila…here it is! Though we don’t really know each other – I know I like you and love what you have to say so I am looking forward to your blog. Great job on going for it……….I have a feeling you will be very successful!

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