Got the Green Light

IMG 1731

I found it at an antique store in town. It was under a pile of stuff, dirty and heavy.   Mostly because it’s thick glass.   At first I could not tell exactly what it was.  I didn’t really care though.  The color won me over.  When I held it up to the light, I recognized that shade of green (although it’s really more blue) and realized I was holding glass from a traffic light.  Just to be sure, I did a little research.

I noticed this sticker on the edge.

IMG 1745

Turns out Kopp Glass is “the largest supplier of clear and colored glass lenses and pedestrian panels to the traffic signal market.” (koppglass.com)   They make  8″ and 12″ ball traffic lenses.   Looks like mine is 12″.   I couldn’t find any like this one exactly so I’m not sure how old it is.  I bet the shop owner knows.  He had something of a photographic memory.   

I think I’ll figure out how to hang it on the wall.  I like the color and I like the symbol of it.  Green=GO!   Go, Dogs, Go!”


One of my all-time favorite books. :)  Go Dog! Go!


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